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  • September 2023
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    This Week's Quote

    I worry no matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up.

    Jane Wagner

    Source:  The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe

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    Broadway Speaks

    How do you solve a problem like Lauren?

    Republican Colorado Rep. and apparent musical enthusiast Lauren Boebert was recently booted from a Denver performance of "Beetlejuice" for inappropriate behavior. Though she initially claimed she was ejected for laughing and singing too loudly, video shows Boebert dancing, vaping, taking flash pictures and playing grope-a-dope with her male companion.

    The lady is a tramp.

    The issue is much more than the congresswoman being an irksome theater-goer. Boebert is a far-right born-again Christian who uses her power to demean, among others, LGBTQ people. She has the same level of regard for queer folks that Inspector Javert had for Jean Valjean.

    Now her holy superiority has taken a hit. Boebert apologized for the theater incident, saying she "fell short of my values." But I'm wildly confident she'll display similar behavior again. Because Boebert possesses all the maturity of Baron Bomburst.








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    This Week's Quote

    Melania has asked the team who rescued an explorer trapped in a cave 3400 feet below ground in Turkey to free her from Mar-a-Lago, explaining, "I am also trapped beneath a large turkey."

    Paul Rudnick

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    Records Fell

    At the Seattle Storm's final game of the season yesterday, I watched Jewell Loyd set the WNBA single-season scoring record and Ezi Magbegor set the Storm single-season rebound record.

    But mainly I watched the young butch and femme right in front of me set the single-game snogging record.

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    E Pluribus Unum

    As Republican legislators in states around the country have enacted a record number of anti-trans laws, California has just passed a resolution establishing August as Transgender History Month.

    You'd think we were a divided nation or something.

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    This Week's Quote

    I don't want anybody to say to me, "I'm fine with it, I accept you." You think, wow, thanks so much, because if you hadn't I would have killed myself.

    Sandi Toksvig

    Source:  The Herald








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    Thanks to the multitude of anti-LGBTQ laws being passed in American states, the Canadian government issued a warning to its queer citizens about the potential dangers of traveling in the U.S.

    I was in Canada last week, and I wish my government had warned me that I'd encounter a restaurant manager so obliging and friendly that I'd yearn to bring him home.

  • August 2023
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    This Week's Quote

    Pausing for a moment's reflection as I report on Florida to remember how Rev. Pat Robertson blamed Hurricane Katrina on gay people and hoping he's nice and toasty in Hell. Amen.

    Victoria Brownworth

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    Close But No Cigar

    At my work we handle the financial affairs of those who died without having appointed an executor. Consequently we receive a lot of mail for decedents.

    Today Maria started flipping through a newly arrived magazine whose cover was partly obscured. "It's gay men," she said, and handed it to me, as I'm considered the arbiter of all things LGBTQ.

    I took a good luck at the cover, and recognized it instantly. "Oh," I said. "It's Out."

    "Out?" Maria replied, starting to laugh. "I thought it said Cut!"

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