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  • March 2023
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    This Week's Quote

    Drag Shows don’t kill kids.

    Books don’t kill kids.

    Green m&m’s don’t kill kids.

    Big Bird doesn’t kill kids.

    AP courses, don’t kill kids.

    Learning history, doesn’t kill kids.

    Dolly Parton’s & Miley Cyrus rainbow song, doesn’t kill kids.


    Fucking guns are the #1 killer of kids.


    Ana Navarro-Cárdenas

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  • September 2022
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    This Week's Quote

    I knew I was outspoken when I was a kid because, whenever my parents had company coming over, they would pay me to leave. "Go see your grandmother. Get out of here." That was my first paying gig.

    Wanda Sykes

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  • June 2022
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    The Rainbow Connection

    In Saudi Arabia, the government is chasing rainbows.

    The Saudi Commerce Ministry recently posted a video on Twitter showing its employees in stores, hot on the trail of rainbow-hued clothes and toys.

    The government says rainbow colors evoke the Pride flag and promote homosexuality in children.

    That is, of course, exactly how a gay person is created. Hand a three-year-old boy a rainbow teddy bear and rest assured that by 10 he'll be sewing it Joan Crawford's waitress outfit from "Mildred Pierce."

    The Commerce Ministry's super sleuths comb through stores, seizing and confiscating "products that contain symbols and signs that call for aberration and contradict correct nature," according to the Twitter post. Retail establishments caught with aberration-pushing hats and backpacks are penalized.

    A TV reporter followed some of these courageous hunters of rainbows through what appears to be a mall in the capital city of Riyadh. Everything they took from a store sat in a pile on the floor, a sad rainbow mound. "It indirectly promotes homosexuality," a ministry official declared of one item, while a voice-over decreed the toys "are nothing but poisoned messages that target the innocence of children."

    If Saudi officials believe that playing with a rainbow fidget toy will make a child homosexual, do they believe playing Chinese checkers on a hexagram-shaped board will make a child Jewish?

  • March 2021

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