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  • May 2021
  • Photo: Facebook

    Cereal Angst

    PinkNews has a story about right-wing groups incensed over Kellogg's new rainbow breakfast cereal, called "Together with Pride," whose sales will directly benefit GLAAD.

    “Kellogg’s isn’t endorsing ‘pride,’ but a radical agenda that targets children and families,” blustered the Ruth Institute. By funding GLAAD, fumed 2nd Vote, Kellogg's is supporting the Equality Act, "an unprecedented attack on freedom of expression."

    But it was the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property that caught my attention by claiming the “pro-homosexual agenda is rearing its ugly head in your children’s cereal."

    That's concerning. In my day, you found a plastic toy in children's cereal, not an ugly head.

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