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  • March 2021
  • Image by Gamopy from Pixabay

    Quick Change

    For St. Patrick's Day, New York-based journalist Alan Diamond, 30, wrote a piece for The Advocate about growing up gay in rural Ireland. The experience was, in a word, scary.

    But his homeland has shifted, writes Diamond. "Overall, Ireland has made notable transformations from being a country with overwhelmingly conservative views toward LGBTQ+ people to one holding powerfully progressive attitudes in the space of a generation."

    I suggest we start sprinkling water from the River Liffey over the Vatican.

  • Image by fjdafdafafa from Pixabay

    The Wearing of the . . . Something

    It's St. Patrick's Day, which always make me remember my father telling my siblings and me when we were young that technically we should wear not green but orange on this day, because our ancestors were Protestants from Northern Ireland.

    Having a tendency to want to keep everyone happy, I now wear both green and orange on St. Patrick's Day. My mind is at peace, even as my sartorial color combinations add up to a gay leprechaun's worst nightmare.

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