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    A friend and I went to an REI store outside Seattle yesterday, and discovered the outdoor and sporting goods establishment is having a sale on queer.

    We spotted Pride T-shirts, bandannas, frisbees. We assumed that these were Pride month offerings from last year, currently being pushed out the door to make room for new June merchandise.

    I left with rainbow flip flops. I now have the gayest feet in town.

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  • May 2022
  • Image:  Lane Bryant

    An Early Stirring of Pride

    Before the internet changed shopping, it seemed that every mall in America had a Lane Bryant, the store aimed at women of generous proportions. I now know that Lane Bryant is still around, and striving to be relevant.

    How do I know this? I just received a Lane Bryant press release, trumpeting its "2022 Pride collection." A digital ad campaign features four store employees who are queer or allies modeling the goods. Also, Lane Bryant will donate to GLSEN, and apparently has been doing so since 2018.

    Yes, it's tempting to mock the company for flogging rainbow bras just to hitch a ride on the Pride gravy train. Yes, it'd be easy to criticize Lane Bryant for being part of the corporate takeover of Pride.

    But I choose not to. Especially in a period of anti-LGBTQ backlash, I'm happy to see such a Middle American company take our side.

    So, glad you're joining us, Lane Bryant, you veteran of the mall era. And bring RadioShack and Orange Julius with you. 

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    Brick by Brick

    In time for Pride, Lego has introduced its first ever LGBTQ-themed offering. The 346-piece set, called "Everyone is Awesome," contains 11 figures, each in a different rainbow color.

    Before you ask, yes, they do hurt when you step on them.

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