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  • January 2023
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    Doc Shock

    I have no classified documents in my residence.

    I'm starting to feel like the only one.

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  • March 2021
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    Same Old Mike

    For four years Mike Pence toadied to a man who then unleashed a murderous mob on him. You might think, as a result, Pence would've undergone a spiritual awakening. A come-to-Jesus moment. A revelation that the brand of conservative Christianity he's long espoused is sometimes nothing more than a chintz slipcover for hate.

    Forget about it.

    The former vice president is due to give his first speech since leaving office to the Palmetto Family Council, a conservative Christian organization that pushes for "biblical values" in South Carolina. The group helped secure a recent ban on most abortions in the state, and as to same-sex marriage, these folks would rather see a woman marry a clump of Spanish moss than another woman.

    It sure looks like Pence intends to lay claim to the evangelical vote in South Carolina, a primary state. Clearly the events at the end of the Trump-Pence reign did nothing to realign his sense of right and wrong. So gird yourself for the 2024 election already getting started, and for Pence positioning himself as the holiest of the Republican holies.

    What I want to know is who will be his toady? Pence set a standard in obsequiousness that will be virtually impossible to match.

    My money's on Wormtongue.

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    This Week's Quote

    For very nearly four years, Mike Pence managed to become the all-time exemplar of obsequiousness in a job inherently characterized by that quality. As the toadiest toady in vice-presidential history, the white-domed Hoosier was like the loudest barker in the kennel, the quietest bookworm in the library, or the silliest clown in the circus. He didn’t just slavishly submit to the Big Boss’s every erratic whim; Pence sang cringingly frequent hymns of praise to Trump’s “broad shoulders” and other manly leadership virtues.

    Ed Kilgore

    Source: New York Magazine

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