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    Mainstreaming, Indian-Style

    A story on the CNN website notes that in the last few years "a number of Bollywood rom-coms geared toward mass audiences have put LGBTQ relationships front and center."

    In these films, gay or transgender characters run up against family members who disapprove of their relationships. "True to the Bollywood formula, the films include song and dance numbers and culminate in happy endings."

    Folding queer people into the formula? Happy endings? Somewhere over the rainbow is now Mumbai.

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    This Week's Quote

    The contrast in (Magic) Johnson’s public support for LGBTQ causes and personal misgivings about his son’s sexuality shows that people are complex. As Johnson said, he grew up in the heteronormative world of male team sports. His son was supposed to shoot hoops, not wear scarves around the house.

    Alex Reimer

    Source:  Outsports

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    Soap Up

    While on the elliptical machine at the gym yesterday afternoon, I noticed that the offerings on the bank of televisions far in front of me included a soap opera.

    I couldn't hear the show or read the captions, but this is what seemed to happen:  As a straight couple, about to be married, stood in front of seated guests, a middle-aged man in a designer outfit made a grand, self-absorbed entrance. He, apparently, was to marry a man in a subdued tux who also stood in front of the guests. A woman, presumably having been jilted by one of the gay men, rose from her seat to object, but wound up giving her blessing. Then everything calmed down—until a drag queen crashed, and made what must've been an accusatory speech full of revelations, judging by the guilty look on the face of the gay fashion plate. The drag queen finished stealing the spotlight by handing her purse to someone to hold, namely the completely ignored bride-to-be.

    It feels like just yesterday that a single same-sex kiss on a soap opera was national news. I have no idea when soaps turned into "La Cage aux Folles."

  • December 2021
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    Good Thing He's a Diplomat

    The U.S. Senate has confirmed Christopher Lamora to be the ambassador to Cameroon.

    Lamora is openly gay.  Homosexuality is illegal in Cameroon.

    And you think your job is tough.

  • August 2021
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    Beyond Scary

    The Taliban has retaken Afghanistan. While it's impossible to say what's going to happen in the days ahead, professional women have reason to be very nervous.

    And LGBTQ people? They have reason to develop accents overnight and pass themselves off as Belgian diplomats.

  • April 2021
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    I googled "LGBT news." After scrolling through the top suggestions, I came to that section of related questions Google calls "People Also Ask."

    It turns out people ask, "Who is the CEO of Lgbtq?"

    It should be patently obvious that queer people don't have a CEO.

    We have a fairy princess.

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