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  • May 2023
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    This week Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed bills in front of a cheering crowd at the evangelical Cambridge Christian School in Tampa.

    I guess that's the best place to be when you're signing bills that will ban gender-affirming care for minors, force trans people to use the wrong bathroom, expand the Don't Say Gay law and target drag shows.

    In the early days of Christianity, Christians were thrown to the lions. Now DeSantis is throwing LGBTQ people to the Christians.

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    Speedy Ally

    I have as much interest in auto racing as I do in particle physics.

    But Lewis Hamilton keeps trying to change that. British, Black and straight, the champion Formula One driver wore a rainbow helmet in 2021 at the Qatar Grand Prix and Saudi Arabian Grand Prix as a strong show of allyship in those nations with notoriously homophobic laws.

    This weekend Hamilton will break out the rainbow helmet again in another place with restrictive laws:  Florida!

    He brought it along for the Miami Grand Prix, saying, "I stand by those within the community here. I hope they continue to stand firm and push back. I'll have the rainbow on my helmet. It's no different to when we were in Saudi."

    Take that in: Florida is no different from Saudi Arabia. Mickey Mouse is wringing his white gloves in shame.

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis spearheaded the Sunshine State's anti-queer agenda because he wants to run for president. Okay then, he should run:  in Saudi Arabia.

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    This Week's Quote

    After [DeSantis’] re-election as governor, he was asked if he had a mandate. He said "Hell no, I’m straight..."

    President Joe Biden at the White House Correspondents' Dinner

    Source:  Miami Herald

  • April 2023
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    This week Equality Florida took the remarkable step of issuing a travel advisory.

    What, have the manatees taken to mugging tourists? Might the roseate spoonbills declare war on the flamingos? Are Mickey and Minnie harvesting organs?

    No, Equality Florida warns that the Sunshine State is a potentially unsafe place to visit or take up residence, thanks to "passage of laws that are hostile to the LGBTQ+ community, restrict access to reproductive health care, repeal gun safety laws and allow untrained, unpermitted carry, and foment racial prejudice. The Governor has also weaponized state agencies to impose sanctions against businesses large and small that disagree with his attacks on diversity, equity, and inclusion."

    That's a lot. Goofy coming at you with a knife and fork would be easier to handle.

    I assume that as long as Gov. Ron DeSantis uses Florida as a staging ground for his presidential aspirations, things will continue to worsen. Pretty soon you'll need a visa to visit Ft. Lauderdale, and vaccinations to enter Tampa. And if you hope to walk down Duval St. in Key West, you'd best be surrounded by a UN peacekeeping force.

  • October 2022

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