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  • February 2023
  • Image:  Facebook

    The Real Story

    News outlets are reporting that U.S. fighter aircraft shot down the Chinese surveillance balloon off the Atlantic coast today.

    That's bunk.

    What really happened is George Santos piloted Air Force One to Myrtle Beach, lassoed a whale to carry him out to sea, fired the shoulder-mounted missile launcher he made out of oyster shells and seaweed, and returned to D.C. in time to serve dinner to the homeless.

    I do wish the media would tell the truth.

  • October 2022
  • Image:  Pixabay

    Rejoice, Dammit!

    Two historic and positive events happened on the planet last week.

    And I simply won't allow you to miss them.

    In Brazil, which last year was the most dangerous country in the world for transgender people, two trans women were elected to Congress. Meanwhile, Slovenia became the first country in eastern Europe to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption.

    Between war, plague, inflation, natural disaster and so on, it's tempting to believe there's nothing but bad news out there. That's why it's critical to hold up the good news. 

    So celebrate, or I'll slap you.

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