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  • March 2023
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    Clamping Down

    If you're caught having gay sex in the largely conservative Christian nation of Uganda, you can go to prison for life.

    But some lawmakers in the African state believe that's not a strong enough deterrent, and it's time for a bigotry boost.

    So yesterday parliament took up a bill that would criminalize simply identifying as LGBTQ.

    Go to prison for being born the person you are. Here's hoping Ugandan politicians don't take a dislike to the left-handed. Or geniuses. Or nose-whistlers.

  • November 2022
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    Good News, Bad News

    The good news is Singapore's parliament has decriminalized sex between men.

    The bad news is Singapore's parliament has also amended its constitution to fend off court challenges that could lead to legalizing same-sex marriage.

    Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam summed up this approach by saying, "We will try and maintain a balance . . . to uphold a stable society with traditional, heterosexual family values, but with space for homosexuals to live their lives and contribute to society."

    If the homosexuals can live in a "space" barely wide enough for a drag queen's eyelashes.

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    The Marrying Kind

    The world seems to be fascinated that beauty queens from Argentina and Puerto Rico have married. Each other.

    For one thing, it's news to a lot of people that femme lesbians exist.

    For another thing, beauty pageants are built around the female form as idealized by men, and Mariana Varela and Fabiola Valentin have all but said, "We're not here for you, boys." They've broken the rules.

    Which is why I find myself wondering how the nuptial news has played throughout Latin America, where macho culture is far from dead.

    Of course, I also find myself wondering if Miss Ecuador is jealous.

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    I believe there are some people on this planet who should stand before the International Criminal Court in The Hague on charges of crimes against humanity.

    Russian leader Vladimir Putin, for one. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, for another.

    And the receptionist at my chiropractor's office who believes Nov. 3 is the day to start playing Christmas music.

  • October 2022
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    Rejoice, Dammit!

    Two historic and positive events happened on the planet last week.

    And I simply won't allow you to miss them.

    In Brazil, which last year was the most dangerous country in the world for transgender people, two trans women were elected to Congress. Meanwhile, Slovenia became the first country in eastern Europe to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption.

    Between war, plague, inflation, natural disaster and so on, it's tempting to believe there's nothing but bad news out there. That's why it's critical to hold up the good news. 

    So celebrate, or I'll slap you.

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    8th of October

    Today is International Lesbian Day.

    How do I order one?

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