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    Breaking News: Florida Man Stunned to Find That Laws Apply to Him, Too

    Lynda Carter

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    Ron DeSantis wants to punish Disney for opposing his "Don't Say Gay" bill, even though Disney is the largest taxpayer in central Florida. I guess if things go South, the state will just have to rely more on taxes Trump sends over from Mar-a-lago. Ha. Haha. HaHAhahahahaaHAAAAAAA!
    Bette Midler
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    Loud. Proud. Still allowed.

    One of the ad campaign slogans announced by New York City Mayor Eric Adams aimed at convincing Florida queers to move to the Big Apple

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  • March 2022
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    Between Jessica Chastain's speech combining Tammy Faye and LGBTQ rights, Ariana DeBose and Lady Gaga and Liza, tonight's Oscars will never be mentioned in a Florida classroom. Bless them all.
    Paul Rudnick
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    And here’s the thing, generally movies can effect how people view the world, but is this really a path that you want to go down Disney? Because you are the same company that’s coded basically every villain in your movies as gay, stereotyped minorities to a breathtaking degree and had something called a "Wench Auction" in place at Disneyland until 2018. So I don’t know if you’ve had a 100-percent net positive effect here.

    John Oliver ripping Disney for its support of backers of Florida's Don't Say Gay bill

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    Deep in the Heart of Texas . . . and Florida

    The Lone Star State and the Sunshine State.

    Nuts to the dirty duo.

    Last month the Texas attorney general declared gender-affirming health care for transgender kids "child abuse." The governor then ordered the state "to conduct a prompt and thorough investigation of any reported instances of these abusive procedures in the state of Texas." This week the state confirmed it's opened nine abuse investigations.

    Yesterday a state district judge temporarily blocked the governor's directive, so for the moment Texas won't be investigating parents for being . . . exemplary parents.

    Imagine you're the parent of a trans child in Houston. You've already struggled through your own initial disbelief, ignorance, guilt and social pressure, and finally realized the only way to help your kid is through compassion and the marvels of modern medicine, but now you're told that makes you an unfit parent, and you might lose your child.

    You'd be torn:  flee the state or defend your family like the Alamo.

    With no Davy Crockett to help.

    Over in Florida, the state legislature on Tuesday passed the Don't Say Gay bill, which forbids instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade. Supporters claim the bill merely guarantees parents, rather than schools, broach these topics with their kids. Even the manatees can see through that.

    The spokesperson of Gov. Ron DeSantis tweeted that "The bill that liberals inaccurately call 'Don't Say Gay' would be more accurately described as an Anti-Grooming Bill." She added that anyone who opposes the bill is "probably a groomer."

    She didn't say the quiet part out loud—she screamed it. Gays are pedophiles. We must protect Florida's children from gay child molesters.

    It's a wonder Key West didn't secede in response.

    DeSantis is expected to sign the Don't Say Gay bill. Of course he will. How can he be expected to become president if he doesn't throw his conservative base this fresh red meat?

    The children of Texas and Florida are paying the price for political ambitions. And as social conservatives insist these moves are to protect kids, these steps actually hurt kids. What the conservatives are really aiming to protect is their view of the world.

    And as these last several years have shown, much of that is about as worth protecting as Florida's hanging chads.

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    Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill is the latest example of the performative cruelty that defines the GOP brand today. It will only serve to hurt children and families.

    Hillary Clinton

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  • February 2022
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    This “don’t say gay” bill in Florida is appalling. Punishing teachers for acknowledging gay people exist is archaic.

    If you want to ban an actual offensive word from Florida schools, may I suggest “DeSantis.”

    Steve Hofstetter

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  • January 2022
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    Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay DeSantis is a moron. Gay Gay Gay Bucs lost. Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay. Gay Gay Gay.

    Dana Goldberg after a House committee in Florida passed the "Don't Say Gay" bill

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  • July 2021
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    God's Mysterious Ways

    The LGBTQ community just received a gift.

    Of the many individuals renowned for battling queer rights over the years, Anita Bryant stands out for the virulence of her attack, her Christian smugness and the fact that she was a whole lot better-looking than Jerry Falwell.

    When Florida's Miami-Dade County banned employment and housing discrimination against gays in 1977, Bryant formed Save Our Children, famously reasoning that "Homosexuals cannot reproduce, so they must recruit."

    The beauty queen and singer, who called gays "human garbage," flogged fears of kids being indoctrinated and molested. "Before I yield to this insidious attack on God and His laws, I will lead such a crusade to stop it as this country has not seen before," said Joan of Arc with a bouffant.

    This week, Anita Bryant's granddaughter announced her engagement to a woman.

    Bryant turned many people off religion, but hearing she has a lesbian granddaughter might bring them back again.

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