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  • July 2022
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    Fighting the Fight

    Citing the overturning of Roe v Wade, the surge in anti-trans legislation, Florida's Don't Say Gay law and more, the Human Rights Campaign is calling this the Summer of Outrage, and urging queer folks to turn anger into action.

    As a member of HRC, I'm all for it. But of course, close behind HRC's forceful slogan is always a request for money.

    I sure hope others can financially back the Summer of Outrage. Me, I can barely support a Minute of Annoyance.

  • April 2022
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    Alley Cats

    I got an email from the local chapter of the Human Rights Campaign inviting me to participate in a bowling fundraiser. The event is billed as "HRC Seattle's 18th Annual Bowling for Equality:  No Time to Spare."

    Now I can't help wondering whether it's called that every year, or did the chapter set itself the task of coming up with a different bowling pun annually?

    I hope not. All I can think of is "Keep Your Mind Out of the Gutter."

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