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  • November 2022
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    Not Giving Up

    Let's talk about Facebook. Briefly. I can't take much, either.

    I don't pretend to understand why the social-media behemoth chooses to place some of the posts on my General Gayety page before thousands of people, while others receive an audience of two. All I know is very few folks saw a recent post about my new book, and I can't have that.

    My memoir is called "Fun With Fred:  Life With OCD and Hoarding." It's available at Amazon and IngramSpark, and if you like General Gayety, chances are you'll enjoy this honest and funny take on living with wretched mental disorders.

    And in the event Facebook will only amplify posts that contain trending words, well, here:  Taylor Swift. Donald Trump. Prince Harry. World Cup. Nancy Pelosi. Inflation. Plant-based. Abortion. Philadelphia Eagles. Nothingburger.

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