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  • March 2023
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    King George

    The AP recently ran a story about Rep. George Santos and truth.  As you know, the two have never met.

    "Perhaps not since Donald Trump launched his presidency with exaggerated claims of the crowd size at his inauguration has an elected official arrived in Washington and sought so brazenly and defiantly to convince the public of reality different than the one before their very eyes," noted the story.

    Just what America needs—a gay man copying one of the worst Trump traits. Normally when a gay man emulates a famous person, it's in the form of drag, as God intended.

    We're in a "post-truth" period. "What I see in the post-truth era is not just that people are lying or lying more, it’s that they’re lying with a political purpose," said one expert. "The really scary part is getting away with it."

    Apparently Santos expects to. The professional conman has filed paperwork for a possible reelection bid, and I apologize if I just upset your stomach.

    Santos was asked about the idea of a post-truth era, and he responded, "I think truth still matters very much."

    His nose didn't grow three feet, and lightning didn't strike him. No, it was MY head that exploded.

  • February 2023
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    Curious George

    You might be of the opinion by now that I'm obsessed with George Santos.

    You'd be right.

    The gay Congressman from Long Island is so outrageous a liar that he must be the love child of Donald Trump and Lance Armstrong. Santos appalls and fascinates me. But mostly appalls.

    When I heard an NPR story about the serial fabulist begin on my way to work yesterday, I turned up the radio.

    His fellow Republicans want Santos to keep a low profile while he's the subject of investigations, but Santos isn't having it. "He actually seems to be leveraging his notoriety, appearing on conservative news outlets and trolling other Republicans on social media," said reporter Brian Mann.

    Santos is a chip off the old blockhead, according to political expert David Wasserman. "Donald Trump realized shamelessness can pay off politically. We've seen others follow in his footsteps. Now, of course, this is to an unprecedented degree."

    Santos clearly believes you can't have too much of a bad thing.

    Wasserman said, "His ability to stay in the news and draw attention to himself is really the only thing he has left."

    Which means Santos will soon be vying with Marjorie Taylor Greene for biggest congressional chimpanzee.

    Like Santos, Becca Balint is new to Congress and gay. But the similarities end there. The Vermont Democrat is livid:  "As a proud member of the LGBTQ community, outraged that he lied about the Pulse nightclub shooting—as the granddaughter of someone killed in the Holocaust, outraged that he used that to get elected."

    Do you think there's any chance Santos could turn out to be just gay-ish?

    Rep. Nick Lalota, a Republican from Santos's neighboring district, called Santos "a sociopath." Republican Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina, joking at the Washington Press Club dinner about the GOP's Santos problem, cracked, "There hasn't been a Republican that's gotten this much buzz since Lauren Boebert went through a metal detector."

    To expel Santos from office requires a two-thirds vote from House members, and reporter Mann said that's unlikely. We're facing the possibility that Santos will serve out his two-year term. Two years of grabbing the spotlight. Two years of constant lies.

    By then he should be presidential material.

  • December 2022
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    This Week's Quote

    George Santos has updated his lie about the Pulse club shooting.

    He previously said the four victims had been his past employees.

    Now he’s claiming the four victims were going to be his future employees.

    In other words, he meant to say employee-ish.

    Rep. Ritchie Torres

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    The Gay Pinocchio

    I moaned about Republican Congressional candidate George Santos before the 2022 midterm elections, because the openly gay Long Islander was a Trump fan, an abortion opponent, and a supporter of Florida's Don't Say Gay law. I moaned about him after he won, because he beat the openly gay Democratic candidate and flipped a critical seat.

    Turns out I'd not yet begun to moan.

    We now know Santos the candidate lied, and bigly, about his education and his employment. His claims that his grandparents escaped the Holocaust and he's Jewish are such fabrications that the Republican Jewish Coalition wants nothing to do with him.

    In an interview yesterday, Santos said he was "sorry for having embellished my resume," but he intends to be sworn in. That Bible better not be combustible.

    There are potentially more revelations ahead concerning his finances. For my part, there's only one thing I want to hear he lied about:  being gay.

  • June 2022
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    This Week's Quote

    The gay Log Cabin Republicans are very upset that Texas Repubs have kicked them out of the party. The Log Cabin folks have issued the statement, "But we're bigoted, lying idiots too! We love Trump! We hate ourselves! We're like Ted Cruz only with bowties! Isn't that enough?"

    Paul Rudnick

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  • February 2022









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    Peter's Priorities

    Gay billionaire Peter Thiel is leaving the board of Facebook's parent company, reportedly because he wants to focus on supporting candidates in the November midterm elections who back Donald Trump's agenda.

    Wouldn't it be easier to just shoot himself in the testicles?

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