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  • September 2023







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    Thanks to the multitude of anti-LGBTQ laws being passed in American states, the Canadian government issued a warning to its queer citizens about the potential dangers of traveling in the U.S.

    I was in Canada last week, and I wish my government had warned me that I'd encounter a restaurant manager so obliging and friendly that I'd yearn to bring him home.

  • February 2022
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    Power Play

    The Canadian women's ice hockey team that captured Olympic gold yesterday has at least seven openly LGBTQ players. According to NBC News, it's the gayest Winter Olympic team ever.

    And certainly it's the gayest thing in skates since Disney on Ice.

  • January 2022
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    Canada Cans Conversion Therapy

    Canada has approved a ban on conversion therapy for both children and adults. The bill passed unanimously in the House of Commons and the Senate.

    Can you imagine the American House and Senate passing anything unanimously, let alone a bill that assumes gay and trans people are fine as they are?

    This new Canadian law feels too good to be true. I expect Ottawa to roll out a compensatory law. Like mandatory conversion therapy for anyone who hates hockey.

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