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    A Stand-Up Mountaineer

    Recently a drag brunch slated for a restaurant near the West Virginia city of Wheeling was cancelled due to threats against the venue, performers and patrons.

    I guess the local bigots like to be thorough.

    Then, in a Hollywood-worthy twist, a mixed martial arts coach in Wheeling volunteered his fighters and himself to provide security should the event be rescheduled.

    "The drag show is no more offensive than a Broadway show, or a stand-up comedy show. In essence, it'a a mix of both. At the end of the day, it is entertainment.  Not part of some hidden agenda, like some would have you believe," said Johnny Haught to local media.

    That quote delivers a roundhouse to the stereotype of West Virginian men as being hillbillies and MMA fighters as being lunkheads.

    And there's more. On Facebook, Haught wrote of an anonymous voicemail he received that said, "You should be in that drag show young lady."

    "The man on my voice-mail paid me the greatest compliment,” Haught stated. “Unfortunately, while I have tremendous legs and ass, I don’t have the makeup skills to be in a drag show."

    He's funny, protective and has great body parts. Haught might be enduring harassment, but he can take comfort that to many a straight woman and gay man, he sounds like his state—"almost heaven."

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    This Week's Quote

    The new story is that "George Santos" was a Drag Queen, and it’s honestly the only thing I like about him.
    Dana Goldberg
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    Ciao 2022

    2022 brought the LGBTQ community some emphatic highs and lows.

    The lows included Brittney Griner's arrest in Russia, Florida's Don't Say Gay law, a blizzard of anti-trans legislation across the nation, violence and threatened violence against drag events and Prides, and the murders at Club Q in Colorado.

    The highs included the Biden administration securing Griner's release, the electoral rainbow wave, and the passing of the Respect for Marriage Act.

    As to George Santos, the recent discovery that the apparently gay congressman-elect is a serial fabulist belongs in the category of the year's lows.

    Or the year's low comedy. Take your pick.

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