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    The contrast in (Magic) Johnson’s public support for LGBTQ causes and personal misgivings about his son’s sexuality shows that people are complex. As Johnson said, he grew up in the heteronormative world of male team sports. His son was supposed to shoot hoops, not wear scarves around the house.

    Alex Reimer

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    I knew I was outspoken when I was a kid because, whenever my parents had company coming over, they would pay me to leave. "Go see your grandmother. Get out of here." That was my first paying gig.

    Wanda Sykes

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  • December 2021
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    The Fruitful Formula

    Who got to tell Colorado State University's Trey McBride last week that he'd been named college football's best tight end?

    His moms.

    Kate and Jen raised five kids in Fort Morgan, Colo. Trey, who just won the Mackey Award, has a twin brother who was a college wrestler, and an older brother who played defensive lineman at CSU.  

    "We’ve been told that we must've had 'super sperm' or whatever,” Kate said. "(That) we chemically engineered them because there’s no way that one family can have all these great athletes."

    Let Russia dope their athletes. From now on here in the U.S., our idea of winning chemistry will be lesbian moms and sperm donors.

  • August 2021

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