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    Love Potion No. 9

    I now know of two straight women in my orbit who confess to having a crush on Brittney Griner.

    Is it out of sympathy for all the basketball star endured in Russia? Is it because of Griner's androgynous presentation?

    I wish I could figure out exactly what biological/psychological element has these straight gals suddenly crushing on a lesbian. I'd bottle it and sell it on Provincetown street corners.

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  • May 2022
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    Arena Audacity

    I might make an official complaint.

    As a Seattle Storm season-ticket holder, I went to last night's game against the Chicago Sky fully expecting a family-friendly event.

    What did I see? Rampant heterosexuality.

    My lesbian friends and I were surrounded by amorous straight people. Sitting next to us, in front of us, behind us. One couple was just in their teens!

    If they have to be that way, must they flaunt it?

    Thank goodness a lesbian couple got engaged on the court during halftime. A bit of normalcy that helped me endure the evening.

    At tomorrow's game, if I'm again encircled by heteros kissing and being as bold as you please, I'll tell them all to knock it off and remember where they are. We can tolerate their being at a WNBA game, but nobody needs to see that freaky stuff.

    Especially not the children.

  • March 2022
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    The GG Question

    When a straight woman remarks, "It must be so much easier to date women," what would you like to say to her?

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    I've recently become friends with a straight woman who, knowing my marriage ended, has made it clear she wants to set me up. She's also told me I'm the only lesbian she knows.

    I sense a problem here.

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