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    This Week's Quote

    My sex life is now reduced to fan letters from an elderly lesbian who wants to borrow $800.

    Groucho Marx

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  • November 2022
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    Good News, Bad News

    The good news is Singapore's parliament has decriminalized sex between men.

    The bad news is Singapore's parliament has also amended its constitution to fend off court challenges that could lead to legalizing same-sex marriage.

    Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam summed up this approach by saying, "We will try and maintain a balance . . . to uphold a stable society with traditional, heterosexual family values, but with space for homosexuals to live their lives and contribute to society."

    If the homosexuals can live in a "space" barely wide enough for a drag queen's eyelashes.

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    Morning Musings

    Each morning I spend a large part of my Seattle commute on Aurora Avenue, driving past fast food places, motels, car dealers and prostitutes.

    The latter wave sometimes, which leads me to wonder how they would react to a car pulling over and the driver turning out to be female. Would the hooker balk? Or be relieved that she's unlikely to get beaten up? Are there women, lesbian or otherwise, who patronize female prostitutes?

    I guess the only way to get answers would be to pull over and ask. And with my luck, that's the moment my boss would drive by.

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    This Week's Quote

    It's so tiring making love to women, it takes forever.  I'm too lazy to be a lesbian.

    Camille Paglia

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  • November 2021
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    This Week's Quote

    I’m as pure as the driven slush.

    Tallulah Bankhead

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    This Week's Quote

    They say that bears have love affairs
    And even camels
    We're merely mammals
    Let's misbehave!!!

    Cole Porter

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