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  • March 2022






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    Blast from the Past

    She's baaaack. In the news, anyway.

    Kim Davis, the former county clerk in Kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in 2015, violated those couples' constitutional rights, a federal judge has decided.

    Is this any way to treat a woman who was—for at least 15 minutes—the darling of social conservatives?

    After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges that gay couples had a constitutional right to marry, Davis balked. She said dispensing licenses to same-sex couples in Rowan County went against her Apostolic Church beliefs. She spent five days in jail for contempt of court, and won the support of 2016 Republican presidential candidates like Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz.

    By invoking "God's authority," Davis became Joan of Arc, Bluegrass-style.

    The irony at the time was that this self-styled arbiter of marital morality had been married four times to three husbands. You can't make this stuff up.

    On Friday, U.S. District Judge David Bunning declared that Davis "cannot use her own constitutional rights as a shield to violate the constitutional rights of others while performing her duties as an elected official." In other words, religious freedom isn't a license to discriminate.


    Now a jury will decide whether Davis must pay damages to the plaintiffs after a nearly seven-year legal tussle. If the answer is yes, I hope for her sake Huckabee and Cruz will still take her calls.

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    The Root of the Problem

    The Moscow Times, an English-language newspaper out of Russia, posted this startling headline yesterday:  "Russian Church Leader Appears to Blame Gay Pride Parades for Ukraine War."

    Uh huh. And COVID-19 is all Tinky Winky's fault.

  • July 2021
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    God's Mysterious Ways

    The LGBTQ community just received a gift.

    Of the many individuals renowned for battling queer rights over the years, Anita Bryant stands out for the virulence of her attack, her Christian smugness and the fact that she was a whole lot better-looking than Jerry Falwell.

    When Florida's Miami-Dade County banned employment and housing discrimination against gays in 1977, Bryant formed Save Our Children, famously reasoning that "Homosexuals cannot reproduce, so they must recruit."

    The beauty queen and singer, who called gays "human garbage," flogged fears of kids being indoctrinated and molested. "Before I yield to this insidious attack on God and His laws, I will lead such a crusade to stop it as this country has not seen before," said Joan of Arc with a bouffant.

    This week, Anita Bryant's granddaughter announced her engagement to a woman.

    Bryant turned many people off religion, but hearing she has a lesbian granddaughter might bring them back again.

  • May 2021
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    Jive Talkin'

    Emily Hines, a student at Louisiana State University, posted a TikTok video of herself pointing to a picture of transgender health secretary Dr. Rachel Levine and lip-synching the Bee Gees lyrics "More than a woman, more than a woman to me." Hines wore an Alpha Phi sweatshirt, and the sorority, which prohibits discrimination, ultimately booted her out.

    "My religious beliefs have been pushed under the rug because the social construct of gender has become such a big issue,” moaned an irate Hines. “My faith teaches me that God made male and female in his image, and that one cannot become the other."

    Yes of course. Her faith. Everyone knows that publicly mocking and demeaning a person for their gender identity is precisely what Jesus would do. He said so in the Book of Ridicule.

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