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  • November 2022
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    This Week's Quote

    I just called my daughter and her wife—who are expecting a baby next spring—to let them know that this Senate passed the Respect for Marriage Act!

    Sen. Chuck Schumer

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    The Marrying Kind

    The world seems to be fascinated that beauty queens from Argentina and Puerto Rico have married. Each other.

    For one thing, it's news to a lot of people that femme lesbians exist.

    For another thing, beauty pageants are built around the female form as idealized by men, and Mariana Varela and Fabiola Valentin have all but said, "We're not here for you, boys." They've broken the rules.

    Which is why I find myself wondering how the nuptial news has played throughout Latin America, where macho culture is far from dead.

    Of course, I also find myself wondering if Miss Ecuador is jealous.

  • August 2022
  • December 2021
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    The Fruitful Formula

    Who got to tell Colorado State University's Trey McBride last week that he'd been named college football's best tight end?

    His moms.

    Kate and Jen raised five kids in Fort Morgan, Colo. Trey, who just won the Mackey Award, has a twin brother who was a college wrestler, and an older brother who played defensive lineman at CSU.  

    "We’ve been told that we must've had 'super sperm' or whatever,” Kate said. "(That) we chemically engineered them because there’s no way that one family can have all these great athletes."

    Let Russia dope their athletes. From now on here in the U.S., our idea of winning chemistry will be lesbian moms and sperm donors.

  • July 2021
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    Ballpark Figures

    The U.S. Olympic softball team plays for the gold on Wednesday against Japan. It's probably a good thing the opponent isn't Mexico.

    American catcher Amanda Chidester, you see, is engaged to Mexican shortstop Anissa Urtez.

    I can imagine Chidester sliding into second and taking her fiancee out. To which Urtez might later respond, "If I ever see your spikes again, you're doing the dishes for the next 60 years."

  • May 2021
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    I Have My Priorities

    The WNBA season is about to start, and I'm worried.

    My team, the Seattle Storm, is the defending champion. Last fall, Storm point guard Sue Bird became engaged to soccer star Megan Rapinoe, and just recently Storm forward Breanna Stewart successfully popped the question to her girlfriend, Spanish hoopster Marta Xargay.

    Will Bird and Stewart have the required fire in their bellies to repeat as champions now that they're giddy in love?

    I tell you, for the first time, I'm questioning whether same-sex marriage was such a hot idea.

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