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  • August 2023
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    I work for a company that occasionally handles the disposition of estates. We've just taken on the case of a single gay man who died unexpectedly.

    I can't go into details, but I'll say his family rejected him long ago over his "lifestyle." Upon hearing of his passing, they gained entry to his home and whisked away his wallet, checkbook, tax records, the works.

    They abandoned him for being gay, but all signs indicate they're only too pleased to benefit from his death.

    I've already warned my colleagues that, should I cross paths with this family, I might display all the emotional equilibrium of Rudy Giuliani.

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    This Week's Quote

    Jennifer Meeks, wife of a Repub Arkansas state rep, has been removing LGBTQ books (which she calls "bad books") from neighborhood libraries and replacing them with Bibles. Jesus is planning to return just to slap her.

    Paul Rudnick

    Source: Twitter

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    The Loss and Then Some

    After watching the dramatic and painful loss of the US Women's National Soccer Team to Sweden in the World Cup, I went online to read some expert assessment.

    Unfortunately, the first thing Google showed me was a tweet by someone named Benny Johnson, whose expertise isn't in soccer, but he's a whiz at conservative fanaticism.

    Johnson crowed over the the "Woke US Women's Soccer Humiliation," declaring that "Team USA's downfall was delivered by anti-America, anti-woman activist Megan Rapinoe's EMBARRASSING free kick here," and he included the video.

    I assume Johnson called Rapinoe "anti-woman" because she supports transgender women athletes, from whom conservatives these days are giddily trying to "protect" cisgender girls and women.

    But how can anyone actually accuse an out lesbian of being opposed to women? I guess it's news to Johnson that a deep emotional and erotic connection to women are lesbian ground rules. It says so in my handbook.

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    Book Backfire

    As usual during June, the Rancho Peñasquitos branch of the San Diego Public Library created a special Pride display of its LGBTQ offerings.

    But then criminal elements staged—cue the dramatic music—a booknapping. Two locals emailed the branch manager to say they had checked out nearly all the books and wouldn't return them unless the library removed this "inappropriate content."

    Okay, it's hardly the Lindbergh kidnapping, but it does underscore how emboldened and obnoxious the conservative book-banners have become.

    However, they didn't win the day. Following a newspaper account of the hostage-taking, the library began receiving new copies of the purloined publications, and people donated $15,000 to San Diego's public library system. The city plans to match these funds, which will go toward LGBTQ materials and programming, including—cue the Cher tune—drag queen story hours.

    As if this ending to the story wasn't ignominious enough, the book burglars returned the tomes they took. They were willing to anger the queer community, but clearly pissing off a bunch of librarians was just too scary.










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    This Week's Quote

    This is a remarkable day in American history. No matter your politics, we should mourn the indictment of a former President of the United States for his attempts to overturn a free and fair election. But you should rejoice that the rule of law is being upheld.

    Jonathan Capehart

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  • July 2023









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    After the organizer of the Miss Italy pageant declared transgender women aren't allowed to compete, the queer community found a creative way to protest:  over 100 trans men signed up for the pageant.

    I suspect the next step in this brouhaha will be the invention of some entirely new Italian hand gestures.

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    This Week's Quote

    First, they came for the trans people, and I spoke out immediately even though I'm straight and cis because I've read the rest of the fucking poem.


    Source:  Have A Gay Day

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    The Things You Hear

    In an effort to get out of my coccoon, I volunteered at a pickleball tournament over the weekend. The first thing I heard as I walked onto the grounds was one female spectator exclaiming to another, "You took her on a date to break up with her?!"

    If I hadn't been expected at the volunteer tent, I'd have stopped to press for details.

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    Another Steps Out

    Kevin Maxen, a strength coach with the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars, has come out as gay, making him apparently the first out male coach in major American men's professional sports.

    It's a big deal that Maxen now takes his place in the slow but steady march of American men out of the athletics closet. Or locker.

    But I admit being particularly pleased that he's with a football team based in Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis has been having his anti-LGBTQ way. All those Jaguar-loving men and boys in the Sunshine State have to come to grips with a homosexual being at the epicenter of that hyper-masculine world. I can hear minds boggling from here.

    Maxen has thrown DeSantis for a loss, and in the best way possible, simply by being himself.

    He seems well-suited to the task. "As a Black Jew who has dated both men and women, who has been a strength coach at the highest level of professional football, I’ve learned that how I look, what I believe in, and especially who I am physically or emotionally attracted to should not impact the way I or other people view my worth," Maxen told Outsports.

    The owner of the Jaguars released a statement emphatically supportive of Maxen. What will DeSantis say? Perhaps, "Florida's school teachers may not talk about Maxen. Or strength. Or the Jaguars. Or football. Or Blacks. Or Jews. Or Florida."

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    This Week's Quote

    At first blush, it would seem that the right wing would be just as excited as everyone else for the "Barbie" movie, which opens in wide release this Friday. There is, to be sure, much for conservatives to love: the doll Margot Robbie’s character is based on is a white woman who hews to conventional feminine beauty standards. She has no reproductive organs, so she can’t have sex out of wedlock or get pregnant; nor does she have any orifices, so both speech and sodomy are out of the question. And she’s married to a blandly handsome former prom king type who might secretly dream of tipping back vodka sodas at Bear Night at Flaming Saddles, so there’s plenty for conservative ladies in particular to relate to.

    EJ Dickson

    Source:  Rolling Stone

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    Right on Cue

    Well, that didn't take long.

    Just weeks after the Supreme Court, citing the First Amendment, decided it's acceptable for some business owners to discriminate against LGBTQ people, the owner of a Michigan hair salon has cozied up to the idea.

    Christine Geiger, writing on the Facebook page for her Studio 8 Hair Lab, declared, "If a human identifies as anything other than a man/woman, please seek services at a local pet groomer."

    I wonder if her scissors are as sharp as her tongue.

    "You are not welcome at this salon. Period," noted Geiger. "This is America; free speech. This small business has the right to refuse services."

    In a breathtaking display of ignorance, Geiger wrote in another Facebook post, "I have no issues with LGB. It’s the TQ+ that I’m not going to support. For those that don’t know what the + is for, it’s for MAP (Minor Attracted Person aka: pedophile)."

    It most certainly is not. But she's given me an idea for a new acronym evoking a person who swallows right-wing conspiracy theories and acts out of hate, fear and utter cluelessness. She's a Dangerous Ignorant Minion Wallowing In Terror. She's a DIMWIT.










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    This Week's Quote

    A Korean reporter once asked me, "Do you think your Korean parents are ashamed because you talk about what you talk about on stage?" I said, "I don't think they're ashamed because they're Korean. I think any parents would be ashamed."

    Margaret Cho

    Source:  Wikiquote

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