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  • September 2022
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    Occupational Hazard

    I want to acknowledge the passing today of Queen Elizabeth II, since she was a worldwide figure for so long and I held her in some esteem.

    But I swear to God, every sentence I come up with using the word "queen" sounds gayer than the next.

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    This Week's Quote

    I'll play until my knees fall off.

    Sue Bird

    Source:  Azquotes

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    Religious Observance

    Tomorrow is Sunday, and I fully expect to attend church here in Seattle.

    Of course, other people refer to it as the WNBA semifinals.

  • August 2022
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    This Week's Quote

    How the heck can Joe Biden call America First conservatives a threat to democracy with a straight face and a dry diaper? He's the one who has allowed millions to invade our southern border. He's the one who is robbing hardworking Americans to pay for Karen's daughter's degree in lesbian dance theory.

    Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO)

    Source:  "Hannity" on Fox News

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    School of Hard Knocks

    In Grand Island, Neb., the school year ended with a bang. Make that a stomp.

    The final issue of the year of the Northwest High School student newspaper, the Viking Saga, included a story on how Pride month came to be, and an editorial opposing Florida's Don't Say Gay law. Three days later, school administrators shut down the 54-year-old publication. Though officials aren't being transparent about the reason, one school district employee wrote in an email that it was "because the school board and superintendent are unhappy with the last issue's editorial content."

    These Nebraska officials feel as warmly toward a free press as Vladimir Putin.

    The local newspaper, The Grand Island Independent, is doggedly pursuing the story. It ran a photo of two of the Viking Saga's former staffers, one of whom is transgender, holding a Progress Pride flag outside their high school.

    That picture and the saga of the Saga underscored for me that, no matter how heavy-handed Nebraska school administrators—and Florida legislators—get these days, they've already lost. If queer youth, supported by allies, are out in rural America, they won't go back.

    The genie is out of the bottle. And he's fabulous.

    The officials, on the other hand, are putzes.

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    This Week's Quote

    I just voted in the Democratic Primary in NYC's West Village. My polling place is so liberal that instead of I Voted stickers we were given hemp ponchos, long silver braids, vintage bicycles, Birkenstocks and NPR totebags filled with apples and back issues of The New Yorker.

    Paul Rudnick

    Source: Twitter

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    What If?

    Sappho, as you likely know, was an ancient Greek poet who wrote of her attraction to women. It's because Sappho hailed from the island of Lesbos that we have the word lesbian.

    I found myself wondering today what women-loving-women would be called if Sappho had been born on a different Greek island. If she'd lived on Mykonos, we'd be Mykonians. If she'd lived on Rhodes, we'd be Rhodians. If she'd lived on Crete, we'd be . . . Cretins?

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    Just Sayin'

    Atlanta police are looking for the man who spray-painted swastikas this week on the city's rainbow-painted crosswalks.

    Could the spray paint be hair dye? Rudy Giuliani found himself in Atlanta this week . . . 










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    This Week's Quote

    LADY BRACKNELL:  This noise is extremely unpleasant. It sounds as if he was having an argument. I dislike arguments of any kind. They are always vulgar, and often convincing.

    Oscar Wilde

    Source:  The Importance of Being Earnest

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    Birds of a Feather

    I was reading how zookeepers at an English zoo successfully gave two gay male flamingos an abandoned egg to hatch and raise, when I stumbled upon something that'll change my life.

    A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance.

    Queer humor writers don't get gifts like that every day.

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