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  • May 2022
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    This Week's Quote

    I must admit that, as a non-American, I wouldn't have bet on the USA to be the first Western country to turn back the clock so drastically on women's rights, and this b/c you decided a reality TV star was more Presidential material than a competent Secretary of State.

    Auntie Ouakam

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    At the Gym

    Well, it happened. Just as the transphobes predicted.

    I was sitting in the locker room of my gym yesterday, pulling off my sweats before working out, when I heard someone breathing very heavily. Then an older man, bald with a beard, in t-shirt and shorts, trudged into view.

    "This is the women's room," I said instantly.

    "What? Uh oh," he responded, and retreated.

    Now, it's possible that this fellow had deliberately walked into the wrong locker room, and was panting at the thought.

    But it's infinitely more likely that this guy, whom I'd never seen before, was new to Planet Fitness, and fitness generally, and had just worn himself out on a treadmill, and failed to notice which room he was entering. There wasn't time for me to ascertain whether his glasses were steamed up, but I wouldn't be surprised.

    There was even less time for me to say, "Are you pretending to be a transgender woman so you can assault little girls in the locker room? Because that's what the fearmongers tell us to worry about. If you are pretending, that is the single worst female look I have ever seen."

  • April 2022
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    This Week's Quote

    The contrast in (Magic) Johnson’s public support for LGBTQ causes and personal misgivings about his son’s sexuality shows that people are complex. As Johnson said, he grew up in the heteronormative world of male team sports. His son was supposed to shoot hoops, not wear scarves around the house.

    Alex Reimer

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    Tammy Faye's Disturbed Ex

    On his daily show, televangelist and felon Jim Bakker mentioned Florida's Don't Say Gay law, and went on to claim that, when it comes to controversial social issues, preachers aren't "going to be able to preach much longer, because they'll shoot us in the pulpit. They will kill us in our pulpits. You don't believe me? They're already doing it."

    I missed the memo. I went to church today and didn't give my minister so much as a noogie.

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    Soap Up

    While on the elliptical machine at the gym yesterday afternoon, I noticed that the offerings on the bank of televisions far in front of me included a soap opera.

    I couldn't hear the show or read the captions, but this is what seemed to happen:  As a straight couple, about to be married, stood in front of seated guests, a middle-aged man in a designer outfit made a grand, self-absorbed entrance. He, apparently, was to marry a man in a subdued tux who also stood in front of the guests. A woman, presumably having been jilted by one of the gay men, rose from her seat to object, but wound up giving her blessing. Then everything calmed down—until a drag queen crashed, and made what must've been an accusatory speech full of revelations, judging by the guilty look on the face of the gay fashion plate. The drag queen finished stealing the spotlight by handing her purse to someone to hold, namely the completely ignored bride-to-be.

    It feels like just yesterday that a single same-sex kiss on a soap opera was national news. I have no idea when soaps turned into "La Cage aux Folles."

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    Ron DeSantis wants to punish Disney for opposing his "Don't Say Gay" bill, even though Disney is the largest taxpayer in central Florida. I guess if things go South, the state will just have to rely more on taxes Trump sends over from Mar-a-lago. Ha. Haha. HaHAhahahahaaHAAAAAAA!
    Bette Midler
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    Alley Cats

    I got an email from the local chapter of the Human Rights Campaign inviting me to participate in a bowling fundraiser. The event is billed as "HRC Seattle's 18th Annual Bowling for Equality:  No Time to Spare."

    Now I can't help wondering whether it's called that every year, or did the chapter set itself the task of coming up with a different bowling pun annually?

    I hope not. All I can think of is "Keep Your Mind Out of the Gutter."

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    The Howling

    I read today that animal shelters are overwhelmed with surrendered pandemic pups.

    Stop it, people. Surely you realize there aren't enough lesbians in America to fix this problem?

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    This Week's Quote

    Life is short, keep your dreams big and your hair bigger.

    Dolly Parton

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