LGBTQ politicians - Entries from January 2023

  • January 2023
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    He Should Know

    The former boyfriend of George Santos told CNN it was no surprise to him that Santos got himself elected to Congress. "What he always looked for was fame and power," said Pedro Vilarva. "That's all he cared about and he got it."

    Despite the plethora of calls for the Long Island Republican to resign over his exhaustive lying, Santos will stay put, his ex firmly believes. "His ego is too big," said Vilarva.

    Fame. Power. Lies. Ego. Republican. Good Lord, George Santos is Donald Trump's Mini-Me.

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    I've held out hope that George Santos isn't actually gay. He lied about everything on his way to becoming a congressman from New York, so why not that?

    Today I read that Brazilian prosecutors are pursuing fraud charges against Santos, who admitted to stealing a man's checkbook, which had been in the possession of Santos's mother, in 2008. According to CNN, Santos used the checkbook "to purchase clothing and shoes."

    He's gay.

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    Last week Maura Healey was sworn in as the governor of Massachusetts. Today Tina Kotek was sworn in as the governor of Oregon.

    They're America's first out lesbian governors. This milestone makes me so happy.

    Why, I'm even feeling optimistic that one day we'll see something truly astounding:  a lesbian governor of a state that ISN'T on a coast.

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