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    This Week's Quote

    I broke my Twitter addiction but then the j6 committee started up and I’m back on the sauce.

    Jane Lynch

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    Surreal Day

    Thursday offered a bizarre juxtaposition. Two wildly successful lesbian American athletes, two starkly different lots.

    Soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe went to the White House to receive the Medal of Freedom from President Joe Biden.

    Basketball superstar Brittney Griner went to a Russian court to plead guilty on drug charges.

    Rapinoe's fiancée attended the White House ceremony.

    Griner held a photo of her wife as she entered the Russian court.

    After the ceremony, Rapinoe flew to Mexico to rejoin the American national team, who celebrated her.

    After the hearing, Griner returned to her jail cell, where, at best, assorted insects kicked up their heels.

    At the White House, Rapinoe's white suit had Griner's initials stitched into the lapel, linking the two women on a day that Alfred Hitchcock might've directed and Rod Serling should've introduced.










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    An English Echo

    In a CNN opinion piece concerning the resignation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a British journalist argues that what sank the Conservative Party leader were two character flaws, namely a propensity to lie and an unwillingness to abide by the rules that bind everyone else.

    A white, straight, randy, conservative head of an English-speaking nation who lies prolifically and believes norms don't apply to him? Geez, I just can't think who he reminds me of . . .

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    This Week's Quote

    Lindsey Graham is reportedly FURIOUS that he's been subpoenaed in Georgia where he tried to undermine the election results. He's yowled, "I shall NEVER testify, and if I do testify I shall not wear any of my Meemaw's fine JEWELRY! Do you HEAR ME?"

    Paul Rudnick

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    Frustration on the Fourth

    The fact that the Supreme Court just took away a constitutional right has made this a tricky 4th of July. It's hard to celebrate Independence Day when we American women have lost a chunk of our independence.

    Perhaps at summer's end Americans will celebrate Labor Day by firing people.

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    The GG Question

    How do you feel when Pride month ends?

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