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    The Welcome Wagon

    I just introduced myself to the new neighbors. We had a nice chat.

    However, I was wearing my Ruth Bader Ginsburg t-shirt, so if I should go missing, look next door.










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    This Week's Quote

    I think that the longer I look good, the better gay men feel.


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    Pottery Barn Doesn't Sell That

    Like most of his GOP colleagues last week, Rep. Glenn Thompson voted against protecting same-sex marriage.

    Three days later, the Pennsylvania congressman attended his gay son's wedding.

    If only his son's wedding registry had included equal rights as well as cheese knives.

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    Our Parents' Stories

    Last week I listened to a piece on NPR about the changes in PFLAG over its nearly 50 years. More than anything, the reporting reminded me of the power of hearing others' stories. 

    Consider Kay and her husband. When their son came out to them in 1982 in Norman, Okla., they didn't have a soul in their church or community to talk to. They went to the library to educate themselves and found zip. They learned about PFLAG from "Dear Abby," and helped found a chapter.

    This year they were grand marshals of Norman's Pride parade.

    Stories like these make me mushier than a beanbag chair.

    Then there's Claudette from North Carolina. She grew up in Jamaica, where homophobia was rampant, including at church and in popular music, and when her child came out in ninth grade as transgender, Claudette was decidedly unhappy.

    She attended a PFLAG meeting, but she "met families who were more accepting of their children. And so I felt like I was a terrible parent." However, she and her child continued talking, and the head of the local PFLAG chapter invited her out for coffee.

    Five years later, she marches in Pride parades, and has accepted a position on PFLAG Charlotte's board. She even switched her nursing focus to helping queer youth.

    And thanks to her story, I'm a bowl of oatmeal. An old banana. Mushy peas.

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    Russian Taboos

    The number one female tennis player in Russia, Daria Kasatkina, recently came out as gay. She also criticized Russia's war on Ukraine.

    All Kasatkina has to do now is laugh at Vladimir Putin's topless photos and the man will open a gulag just for her.

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    American Trinity

    You don't have to be an expert on American democracy to know it's against the rules for the head of the executive branch to send an armed mob to the legislative branch.

    It's like Jesus pointing at the Holy Ghost and growling "Breast meat."

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    This Week's Quote

    The far-right 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court is on a rampage against basic freedoms currently enjoyed by the American people. In his concurring opinion in Dobbs, Justice Clarence Thomas gave us a heads-up that the court is next coming for the ability of same-sex couples to get married. I am one of only nine openly gay members of this body. For me, this is personal.

    Democratic Rep. Mondaire Jones of New York, speaking before the House voted yesterday to protect marriage equality

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    Man Out of Time

    Sen. Ted Cruz said this weekend that the U.S. Supreme Court was "clearly wrong" when it legalized same-sex marriage.

    That sounds to me like a man who's running for president.

    Against Herbert Hoover.

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    Fighting the Fight

    Citing the overturning of Roe v Wade, the surge in anti-trans legislation, Florida's Don't Say Gay law and more, the Human Rights Campaign is calling this the Summer of Outrage, and urging queer folks to turn anger into action.

    As a member of HRC, I'm all for it. But of course, close behind HRC's forceful slogan is always a request for money.

    I sure hope others can financially back the Summer of Outrage. Me, I can barely support a Minute of Annoyance.

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    Wife Number One

    Ivana Trump, Donald Trump's first wife, has died at the age of 73.

    Ivana Trump gave birth to Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump.

    If you're waiting for a punchline, brother, that was it.

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