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    Between Jessica Chastain's speech combining Tammy Faye and LGBTQ rights, Ariana DeBose and Lady Gaga and Liza, tonight's Oscars will never be mentioned in a Florida classroom. Bless them all.
    Paul Rudnick
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    DeSantis Does the Deed

    Before signing the Don't Say Gay bill yesterday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said, "We will make sure that parents can send their kids to school to get an education, not an indoctrination."

    He was surrounded by young children in their charter-school uniforms . . .  and cheered on by Pat Boone, Ozzie and Harriet, Robert E. Lee and Protestant Jesus.

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    Awards Awareness

    Yesterday evening, as I watched the NCAA women's basketball tournament on TV, I assumed I was tuned in to the most lesbionic viewing option of the night. 

    Imagine my surprise this morning when I read that, over on another channel, the Academy Awards had been busy going sapphic.

    In her acceptance speech after winning the Oscar for best supporting actress, Ariana DeBose said, "Imagine this little girl in the back seat of a white Ford Focus. Look into her eyes, you see an openly queer woman of color and Latina who found her life and strength in art. That’s what I believe we are here to celebrate."

    DeBose, who won for her turn as Anita in "West Side Story," added, "So to anybody who has ever questioned your identity, ever, ever, ever—you, you find yourself living in the gray spaces—I promise you this:  There is indeed a place for you."

    As she sought to inspire others, the first queer woman of color to win an Oscar invoked famous lyrics from her movie that were written by a beloved gay man who died four months ago. The nation must've been awash in rainbow tears last night.

    Kristen Stewart didn't take the Oscar for playing Princess Diana in "Spencer," but she strode the red carpet with her female fiance, Dylan Meyer. Also tripping the carpet fantastic were wife and wife Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts.

    Out comedian Wanda Sykes was one of three women to host the show. In a shot at Florida's Don't Say Gay bill, Sykes opened with, "We’re going to have a great night tonight—and for you people in Florida, we’re going to have a gay night,” and she and her co-hosts broke into choruses of "gay, gay, gay."

    They weren't lying. It feels like it was a breakthrough night for gay women. I'd like to thank the Academy.

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    Dog Days

    A recent display of both stupidity and bigotry made national news, and I'm not talking about the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    The owners of a dog named Fezco dumped him at a shelter in Stanly County, N.C. Fezco had humped a male dog, so the owners thought he was gay.

    Where to start?

    The owners plainly didn't know that mounting is a dominance behavior among dogs. What they did know is they were appalled at the idea of having a homosexual dog.

    I'm fighting the impulse to say these people are too stupid to live. Obviously, I just lost the fight.

    When ignorance and prejudice combine, humans often get hurt, but in this case the victim was a five-year-old mutt.

    With heartworm. It turned out the owners had, apparently, never taken the dog to the vet.

    I'll put you out of your misery right now: This tale has a tail-wagging conclusion.

    Longtime partners Steve Nichols and John Winn of the greater Charlotte area saw Fezco's story on TV, and promptly adopted him. They renamed him Oscar for—uh huh—Oscar Wilde. Sounds to me like a big gay raspberry blown at the previous owners.

    Oscar was immediately scheduled for neutering and heartworm treatment at an animal hospital, but is expected to be in his new home at the end of the week.

    "I know it’s silly to think that a dog is gay, but if he wants to be gay as hell, he can be gay here," said Nichols.

    One more straight mess cleaned up by gays. I think it's time to start bestowing medals.

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    This Week's Quote

    We get it, Senator Cornyn; you're still mad at gay marriage for taking away none of your rights.

    Chasten Buttigieg

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    Where Dreams Come True

    LGBTQA Disney employees staged a walkout today to protest the company's silence on Florida's Don't Say Gay bill.

    Snow White and Mary Poppins used the occasion to announce their engagement.







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    Blast from the Past

    She's baaaack. In the news, anyway.

    Kim Davis, the former county clerk in Kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in 2015, violated those couples' constitutional rights, a federal judge has decided.

    Is this any way to treat a woman who was—for at least 15 minutes—the darling of social conservatives?

    After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges that gay couples had a constitutional right to marry, Davis balked. She said dispensing licenses to same-sex couples in Rowan County went against her Apostolic Church beliefs. She spent five days in jail for contempt of court, and won the support of 2016 Republican presidential candidates like Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz.

    By invoking "God's authority," Davis became Joan of Arc, Bluegrass-style.

    The irony at the time was that this self-styled arbiter of marital morality had been married four times to three husbands. You can't make this stuff up.

    On Friday, U.S. District Judge David Bunning declared that Davis "cannot use her own constitutional rights as a shield to violate the constitutional rights of others while performing her duties as an elected official." In other words, religious freedom isn't a license to discriminate.


    Now a jury will decide whether Davis must pay damages to the plaintiffs after a nearly seven-year legal tussle. If the answer is yes, I hope for her sake Huckabee and Cruz will still take her calls.

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    The GG Question

    When a straight woman remarks, "It must be so much easier to date women," what would you like to say to her?

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    We Honor Her

    Elvira Schemur, a Ukrainian LGBTQ activist, was "one of the first Pride volunteers to join the Kharkiv regional defense," a fellow Ukrainian queer activist tweeted yesterday.

    Schemur was volunteering at a regional administration building in the city on March 1 when it was hit by a Russian missile. She died at the age of 21.

    Is it wrong to dream of Vladimir Putin being pushed into a vat of boiling borscht?

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    This Week's Quote

    And here’s the thing, generally movies can effect how people view the world, but is this really a path that you want to go down Disney? Because you are the same company that’s coded basically every villain in your movies as gay, stereotyped minorities to a breathtaking degree and had something called a "Wench Auction" in place at Disneyland until 2018. So I don’t know if you’ve had a 100-percent net positive effect here.

    John Oliver ripping Disney for its support of backers of Florida's Don't Say Gay bill

    Source:  Last Week Tonight

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    I Ask You

    The Girl Scouts in my neck of the woods have run out of a certain type of cookie they sell.

    Given the war in Ukraine and the worldwide havoc caused by COVID, it'd be vastly inappropriate of me to call this cookie situation a crisis.

    But I think it's fair to ask:  How can I be expected to cope with the real crises without the aid of Thin Mints?

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