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    God's Mysterious Ways

    The LGBTQ community just received a gift.

    Of the many individuals renowned for battling queer rights over the years, Anita Bryant stands out for the virulence of her attack, her Christian smugness and the fact that she was a whole lot better-looking than Jerry Falwell.

    When Florida's Miami-Dade County banned employment and housing discrimination against gays in 1977, Bryant formed Save Our Children, famously reasoning that "Homosexuals cannot reproduce, so they must recruit."

    The beauty queen and singer, who called gays "human garbage," flogged fears of kids being indoctrinated and molested. "Before I yield to this insidious attack on God and His laws, I will lead such a crusade to stop it as this country has not seen before," said Joan of Arc with a bouffant.

    This week, Anita Bryant's granddaughter announced her engagement to a woman.

    Bryant turned many people off religion, but hearing she has a lesbian granddaughter might bring them back again.

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    This Week's Quote

    Imagine being any Repub candidate asking themselves, "Am I racist enough? Did I remember to deny the election results? Was I hateful enough towards women? Have I covered myself with shame and disgust? Am I Ted Cruz with a sprinkling of JD Vance topped off with Nikki Haley?"

    Paul Rudnick

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    Ballpark Figures

    The U.S. Olympic softball team plays for the gold on Wednesday against Japan. It's probably a good thing the opponent isn't Mexico.

    American catcher Amanda Chidester, you see, is engaged to Mexican shortstop Anissa Urtez.

    I can imagine Chidester sliding into second and taking her fiancee out. To which Urtez might later respond, "If I ever see your spikes again, you're doing the dishes for the next 60 years."


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    Marching to a Different Drummer

    Outsports has alerted me to something extra to look for when I watch the Tokyo Olympics' opening ceremonies later today:  six out LGBTQ flag bearers.

    Argentina, Cyprus, Finland, Ireland, the U.S. and Venezuela chose queer athletes to lead their teams into the stadium.

    I wonder what Howard Cosell would say?

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    I've recently become friends with a straight woman who, knowing my marriage ended, has made it clear she wants to set me up. She's also told me I'm the only lesbian she knows.

    I sense a problem here.

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