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Welcome to General Gayety, the humor blog about everything LGBTQ.  I'm Leslie Robinson, your genial curmudgeon of a host.

GG began as a biweekly humor column I wrote for LGBTQ publications from Seattle to Dallas to Charlotte.  The posts I write for this blog tend to be short but frequent.  Or frequent-ish.

I also include memes and videos and whatever feels appropriate.  If I don't have permission to run something I'll link you to it, because I don't want you to miss out.  I'm thoughtful that way.

Each Wednesday you'll find This Week's Quote, amusing words with a queer connection.  Now and then you'll stumble on The GG Question, your chance to weigh in on matters weighty and not so much.

Because this site is new and I'm a Luddite, expect glitches as GG gets rolling.  Feel free to alert me to them.  I won't be offended.  I might not even be embarrassed.

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