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Welcome to General Gayety, the humor blog about everything LGBTQ.  I'm Leslie Robinson, your genial curmudgeon of a host.

GG began as a humor column I wrote for LGBTQ publications from Seattle to Dallas to Philadelphia.  The posts I write for this blog tend to be short but frequent.  Or at least my idea of frequent.

I also include memes and videos and whatever else feels funny, appropriate and unlikely to land me in copyright trouble.

Each Wednesday you'll find This Week's Quote, amusing words with a queer connection.  Now and then you'll stumble on The GG Question, your chance to weigh in on matters weighty and not so much.

Go right ahead and peruse.  Read about Franklin Graham, lesbian mayors, PFLAG, Mike Pence, the bathroom wars, coming out, Donald Trump, Bayard Rustin and Wonder Woman. 

I grant you that Donald Trump shows up a lot.  I'm only human.

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