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  • March 2023
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    Don't Say Prison

    Former Florida lawmaker Joseph Harding pleaded guilty this week to obtaining COVID-19 relief funds fraudulently.

    Harding was a lead sponsor of Florida's Don't Say Gay legislation.

    The conservative Republican assumed the role of morality arbiter while stealing money.

    How do people such as this physically survive? It seems like the internal dissonance would be enough to cause parts of themselves just to fall off now and then.

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    This Week's Quote

    Wacko pastors on the right are saying if Trump is arrested he will rise again like Jesus Christ. Please… trust me, just like with Stormy Daniels, there won’t be a second coming.
    Dana Goldberg
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    King George

    The AP recently ran a story about Rep. George Santos and truth.  As you know, the two have never met.

    "Perhaps not since Donald Trump launched his presidency with exaggerated claims of the crowd size at his inauguration has an elected official arrived in Washington and sought so brazenly and defiantly to convince the public of reality different than the one before their very eyes," noted the story.

    Just what America needs—a gay man copying one of the worst Trump traits. Normally when a gay man emulates a famous person, it's in the form of drag, as God intended.

    We're in a "post-truth" period. "What I see in the post-truth era is not just that people are lying or lying more, it’s that they’re lying with a political purpose," said one expert. "The really scary part is getting away with it."

    Apparently Santos expects to. The professional conman has filed paperwork for a possible reelection bid, and I apologize if I just upset your stomach.

    Santos was asked about the idea of a post-truth era, and he responded, "I think truth still matters very much."

    His nose didn't grow three feet, and lightning didn't strike him. No, it was MY head that exploded.










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    This Week's Quote

    My mother made me a homosexual. And if you give her some yarn, she'll make you one too.

    Quentin Crisp

    Source:  The Mammoth Book of Great British Humor










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    Pressing Question

    Is Michelle Yeoh single? Asking for a friend.

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    Clamping Down

    If you're caught having gay sex in the largely conservative Christian nation of Uganda, you can go to prison for life.

    But some lawmakers in the African state believe that's not a strong enough deterrent, and it's time for a bigotry boost.

    So yesterday parliament took up a bill that would criminalize simply identifying as LGBTQ.

    Go to prison for being born the person you are. Here's hoping Ugandan politicians don't take a dislike to the left-handed. Or geniuses. Or nose-whistlers.

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    This Week's Quote

    There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself.

    Hannah Gadsby

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    The GG Question

    If you got the chance to say two words to gay serial liar Rep. George Santos, what would they be?










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    This Week's Quote

    Fine, I’ll admit it: I created Covid. I was making a smoothie from papaya, apple juice and coconut, then I absent-mindedly added a deadly bacteria and used the Pandemic setting on my blender. It happens. Get over it.

    Paul Rudnick

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  • February 2023







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    A Stand-Up Mountaineer

    Recently a drag brunch slated for a restaurant near the West Virginia city of Wheeling was cancelled due to threats against the venue, performers and patrons.

    I guess the local bigots like to be thorough.

    Then, in a Hollywood-worthy twist, a mixed martial arts coach in Wheeling volunteered his fighters and himself to provide security should the event be rescheduled.

    "The drag show is no more offensive than a Broadway show, or a stand-up comedy show. In essence, it'a a mix of both. At the end of the day, it is entertainment.  Not part of some hidden agenda, like some would have you believe," said Johnny Haught to local media.

    That quote delivers a roundhouse to the stereotype of West Virginian men as being hillbillies and MMA fighters as being lunkheads.

    And there's more. On Facebook, Haught wrote of an anonymous voicemail he received that said, "You should be in that drag show young lady."

    "The man on my voice-mail paid me the greatest compliment,” Haught stated. “Unfortunately, while I have tremendous legs and ass, I don’t have the makeup skills to be in a drag show."

    He's funny, protective and has great body parts. Haught might be enduring harassment, but he can take comfort that to many a straight woman and gay man, he sounds like his state—"almost heaven."

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    This Week's Quote

    I'll never forget the first time my family came to see me do stand-up, ... It was an awful bombing. It was like a damn terrorist attack. I was onstage in Washington, D.C., and the audience was talking. Some of them even turned their backs to me. I was paralyzed. I couldn't even move. I just kept talking until I heard my mother yell out, "Wanda! Get off the stage!"

    Wanda Sykes

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