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  • September 2021
  • Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay 

    I'll Never Live This Down

    How does a lesbian know she's decrepit?

    When she needs to use her "massager" as a massager.

    Oh, the shame.

  • August 2021
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    Surprise Party

    Brody Neville was facing a bleak 12th birthday.

    When the Canadian youngster came out as gay several months ago, his friends dumped him. So his mom did what modern parents do:  She put out a call on Facebook.

    Neville arrived at a Calgary park on Saturday, and saw what he assumed was an unusually large crowd waiting for the ice cream truck. But the dozens of people weren't there to celebrate overpriced ice on a stick. They were there to celebrate him.

    Family, friends and strangers gave him presents. Drag queens performed. A fire engine stopped by—probably to the relief of the drag queen who'd performed a monstrous split.

    "Thank you everybody for this," Neville told the crowd. "This is the best day of my life!"

    I'm not crying, you're cry . . . oh the hell with it, I'm crying.

  • April 2021
  • Image by Kurious from Pixabay

    This Week's Quote

    There's nothing wrong with being gay. I have plenty of friends who are going to hell.

    Stephen Colbert

    Source: Brainyquote

  • March 2021
  • Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay

    Pretty Sure

    Today in Seattle I found myself behind a car with a bumper sticker that said Country Queer.

    I'm confident that despite having crossed into the city, the driver remained queer.

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